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In the year 1915, Evangelical Christian under the religious sect called Presbyterians denomination in Visayas, a united movement to make a local church that was  self- supporting or independent from the support of the Presbyterian mission from the United States.

In as much as the movement has no longer monetary and material support from America, more than 200 bonafide believers good repute organized them to form a new congregation. This new Protestant denomination was known as (Iglesia Universal de Kristo) or known as UNIVERSAL CHURCH of CHRIST. This new denomination was based in Cebu and they opened circuits in the provinces of Cebu and to some areas of Negros Occidental.

Since the organization could not stand without a registered leader, the members elected their first General Minister, a noted convert to the faith, a Jesuit Priest from the Roman Catholic, by the name of Rev. Melecio Cotecson. He was authorized by the organization to act as its Corporation Sole and thus  registered the organizationin the Bureau of Commerce and Industry, with Registered Number PW00001733 on June 12,1933. From then on the organization flourished to the areas of Negros Oriental.

With the changes of leadership Rev. Melecio Cotecson (1933- 1937), in such a short time entrusted the  leadership to Rev. Lorenzo Lebumfacil.

Rev. Lorenzo Lebumfacil (1937- 1951), a well-known citizen of Toledo and wealthy enough to support the material needs of a developing organization. Many  churches had been constructed and the pioneering works even spread out in the areas of Mindanao. After such time of serving the Lord he was succeeded by Rev. Luciano Mercado.

Rev. Luciano Mercado (1951- 1974), a simple man but spiritually polished began to post legal grounds for the organization. He has so many accesses to prominent lawyers of Cebu that monitored the activities of the organizationand had been active in endorsing files to the Securities and Exchanges Commision so that Universal Church of Christ, Inc. had been acclaimed legal organization of churches.

Yet, because of so much leniency, it cause him trouble when some of the ministers in the late 60’s had divided and formed another faction called  Evangelical Church of Christ, (ECCU) and Holy Trinity (Three Persons) In October 08, 1974 he relinquished his position to Rev. Rodobaldo Padilla due to old age.

Rev. Rodobaldo B. Padilla (1974- 1989), a very active and enthusiastic leader of the organization.During his term as a Head minister , he encountered the case against Ptr. Rendal claiming that he was the original Head Minister of  Universal  Church  of Christ, Inc. The case was dismissed because Ptr. Rendal passed away.

Bishop Rodobaldo B. Padilla loved the organization..Even some cases that he encountered, he got his own money to finance the case. He was a brave leader ready to defend the UCCI. In 1973, another problem arises in Maragusan when Ptr. Anonilon Pontellano wanted to bring the several churches of Universal Church of Christ to Apostolic Mission for Christ.

Ptr. Anonilon Pontellano acting as Bishop of Postolic mission for Christ. But the five churches remaned in UCCI such as Maragusan, Mapawa, New Panay, Tag- Ugpo and  New Cebu through the effort and strong defense of Bishop Rodobaldo B. Padilla..

As the years went by, Bishop Rodobaldo B. Padilla declined to run for second time as Head  Minister  because of physical condition. His Brother Rev. Ariston B. Padilla succeeded as Head Minister of Universal Church of Christ, Inc. (UCCI).

Rev. Ariston B. Padilla (1989- 1995) a very humble leader. During his term, he founded the Christian Bible School in Tagum of UCCI . He has been successful in his term because of his Bible School. Being the Director he produced so many workers and pastors and assigned them to different areas of Visayas and Mindanao.

Chruch planting has reached  as far as Bohol and Palawan wile in Mindanao reached to General Santos City and Lanao.

Because of heart failure, he died on February 10, 1995,leaving his office to his assistant Rev. Gladstone Macapobre.

Bishop Gladstone Macapobre (1995- 2006) he is from Mianog, Dian-ay  Escalante, Negros Occidental,offsring of the late General Council Rev.Jose  Macapobre Sr. on the time of the late Head Minister, Rev.Luciano Mercado.

On May15, 1997 during the National Convention in Sagahan, Toboso, Negros Occidental he was elected Head Minister. After the election on his first term,there is a faction happened of some UCCI churches such as Sagahan, Toboso, Negros Occidental he was elected Head Minister.After the election on his first term, there is a faction happened  of some UCCI churches such as Sagahan and Ayungon leaded by Ptr. Neri Canciler, Ptr.Eugenio Canciler and Ptr. Constancio Dejerio. They registered their new group named”The True Universal Non-Praise and Worship”.

His first achievement of Bishop Gladstone Macapobre was the opening of the churches in Panay Palawan, Mindoro , and Capiz. In the year 2006 . Bishop Gladstone  Macapobre Died because of his sickness. His brother Jose Macapobre Jr. succeeded his position as Head Minister.

Rev. Jose Macapobre Jr. (2006 up to present ) He is a man of prayer. He established the Prayer mountain in Brgy. Hiyang Cadiz City. The established prayer mountain he made as a place of Prayer and Fasting of the group of Churches in Negros Occidental. The said prayer mountain made also as training place especially for the sons and daughters of UCCI’s partors.

Bishop Jose Macapobre ia also an influential leader of UCCI . Even his church in Cadiz City influenced his leadership to step in dimension through prayer and fasting. Even the members of Negros Occidental Group of Churches Federation were influenced the prayer and fasting, some of them are baptist Pastors.

Through his mission and vision in UCCI  for expanding of the territory, he sent his disciples to Pasay City to rescue the ministry of Ptr. James Buyan. and as of now the UCCI Pasay was totally restored and established.

Recently ,one of his big achievement through God’s Help, he hosted the Universal Church of Christ , Inc. 79th National Convention held at Prayer Mountain, Brgy.Hiyang hiyang , Cadiz City Negros Occidental. More than 1000 delegates participated of the said convention..

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    Amen!hossana to the highest almighty God.

  2. Hello there! I am RV Torno, currently the secretary of UCCI. I just saw this post now and I highly appreciate that you encoded and posted our brief history publicly for the benefit of the organization’s members. I actually have a copy but yours is more updated, however there are some additional information yet to be verified. May I know who owns this copy and who your pastor is. This can be helpful for us to have a final and official brief history of UCCI. Please email me instead. Thank you very much.

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