Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

                I would like to tell a story about a woman who became a friend of mine ,not just a friend but a mother to me..

I usually call her nanay..she is a happy, well determined and a serious woman with sense of humor.. 

                A dedicated  single mother to his son and a lovely, thoughtful daughter to her parents,I met her at the park a year ago…at first I felt so shy towards her coz she spoke tagalog without even knowing that she was a bisaya same with me..

               Later on we became close to each other… I treated her as my mother, because she is different among the other woman I me,the way she treated me and care for me..

                I’m so thankful to have a friend, a jogmate coz we jog together, a mother who always there to scold me.

              And now even where miles away to each other but our friendship and closeness stays stronger than ever..

In behalf of my sisters namely rhulyn, sheila, and lea anne I just want to say THANK YOU and LOVE YOU NANAY FELY..



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