Posted: January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

          A year is  compose of 12 months or 365 days…meaning it is a new 12 months and 365 days to deal with. A new year for us to face, 12 months to encounter another experiences in life and 365 days facing our happiness and struggles in life..

            Most of us are having their new years resolution, but for me i don’t have any..I don’t want to obligate myself but, if there is something that i need to change or to improve i will try my very best to obtain it..Because people need to be change slowly if they want too…but if not that is their option…For me changes is not an abrupt process it is a slow process..

Dealing with the life that we choose is not an easy task, because we encounter a lot of obstacles in our own way. But with the help of our Almighty Father and with our faith in him we can survive.. As for me… I will keep on fighting in the battle of life and keep on trusting and having faith in our Almighty Father who protects and always have mercy on us..

                          A NEW YEAR AND A NEW LIFE FOR ME……..



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