Posted: September 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Days run so fast, I’ve been spending a year away from my

family,striving hard

for our future sake..And now, I’m home with them..And all I can

say there’s no place like home..


I try to compare my life with them;

 and my life without them,

 It really make a difference..

 Life is so empty without them at your side;

 nobody can fill the emptiness that you feel inside.

But when I’m with them I feel complete,

even sometimes life is so tough, but if your with them everything

is in place and life seems so wonderful..

Other people said you have to sacrifice for our family’s future,

but it is so hard dealing of this kind of situation to work far away from them..

I know money is the one thing that most of us sacrifices thier own


and thier family just to have it..

 To sustain the wants and needs of the family without

considering the

  family relationship..

I don’t have any regrets for leaving the good opportunities that I

have before,coz I know GOD prepares something that is better


I have before..

And I know my FATHER won’t leave me nor forsake me for I am his


As for me I’d rather to be simple and be contented for what I have,

coz I have a great provider for everything and that is JESUS.

All I can say I feel so happy to be home and be with my family



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