HOW TO ENDS WAR (James 4:1-12)

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Have you ever heard of the “War of the whiskers” or the ” War of the  Oaken Bucket”?How about the ” Wars of Jenkins ear”? These were actual wars fought between nations, and you can read about them in most history books.

War is a fact of life, in spite of treaties, world peace organizations, and threat of atomic bombs. Not only are there wars between nations, but there are wars of one kind or another on almost every level of life— even “gas wars” among filling stations operator..James discussed this important theme of war in this paragraph, and he explained that there are three wars going in the world.and he told us that these wars could be stopped..


CLASS WAR (James 2:1-9)- here is that age long rivalry between the rich and the poor. The rich man gets the attention, the poor man is disgraced. How tragic it is when local churches get thier values confused and cater to the rich, while they ignore, or even reject, the poor. If fellowship in a church depends on such external things as clothing and economic status, then the church is out of the will of GOD.

EMPLOYMENT WAR (James 5:1-6)- again it is the rich man who has the power to control and hurt the poor man. Laborers do not get there wages, In spite of our modern labor movement and federal legislation, there are still many people who cannot get a good job, or whose income is less than adequate fo the work they are doing.

CHURCH FIGHTS(James 1:19-20; 3:13-18)– apparently, the believers James wrote  to were at war with each other over positions in the church, many of them wanting to be teachers and leaders. When they studied the WORD,the result was not edification,but strife and arguments.Each person thought that his ideas were the only right ideas and his ways the only right ways. Selfish ambition ruled thier meetings, not spiritual submission..

PERSONAL WARS (James 4:11-12)- the saints were speaking evil of one another and judging one another. Here, again ,we see the wrong use of tounge. Christians are to speak “the truth in love”(Eph.4:15)they are not to speak evil in a spirit of rivalry and criticism. If the truth about brother  is harmful, then we should cover it in love and not repeat it.. If he has sinned, we should go to him personally and try to win him back..


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