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       Yesterday was not an ordinary day for me..I felt so happy spending my time roaming around Abu dhabi with my lovely sister named ANGEL..And she felt happy too,because we seldom see each other..                 

        And then I realized how happy  and lucky we are, if we are loved and beloved by our own brother or sister. I owed my sister so much, not because of the material stuff that she bought me,I owed her for being kind and  thoughtful to me as her elder sister..I still remember the days that we are still young,she used to be with me wherever I lived, she wanted to be with me even I already have my own family..Because she still my baby sister..

  These sister of mine really loved our parents,she told me one time that she didn’t want to get married,all she wanted was to work for our parents wants and needs..But,i kept on telling her that she really needs a family to make her life perfect..

  By the way,Lets go back what had happen yesterday (June 04 2012)..again we roamed around abu dhabi,she bought me some stuff like converse shoes,nike travelling bag and a northface cap.We ate in one of the fastfood chain @ ABU DHABI MALL .We took some photos in different mood..

  When I decided to go back to DUBAI, I saw in her eyes that she doesn’t want me to go,but I have too becauseI have work..and she dropped me off to the bus terminal and kiss her goodbye with a teary eye and told her thatI will be back..

  1. Me & Beirut says:

    You’re both so cute 🙂

  2. Nizy says:

    It is good to have a sister to hang on. So happy you have one.. Mine is all boys.

  3. Nizy says:

    mine are all boys.

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