JACOB AND HIS TOOTH (short story for kids)

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

       Mom I pulled my tooth off….Jacob screamed..He accidentally pulled his tooth while brushing his teeth.He felt so uneasy because of the blood that came out from his mouth.His mom immediately ran into the bathroom to aid JACOB.


At the bathroom Jacob’s mom took his tooth and kept it, and threw Jacob a smile.

Oh my pretty little boy”..You know Jacob somebody will come tonight to get your tooth and leave a money under your pillow as an exchange..his mom said,really mommy?I will put my tooth under my pillow tonight..Jacob said.

   Jacob went to bed early and he carefully put his tooth under his pillow and fell asleep. In the morning he slowly took his pillow off on his bed and he saw an envelope.He quickly ran downstairs and showed his mom the enveloped he got on his bed. “Mommy.mommy the toothfairy left something under my pillow and my tooth was gone too”,Jacod said” OH!really? I told you Jacob that the toothfairy will do that..his mom said..Jacob smiled to his mom.

        Jacob felt so happy that day and he can’t wait to go to school to tell to his classmates what had happen to his tooth last night..


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