A FRIENDSHIP STORY (my real life story)

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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 Welcome to The Smiley Guide!What is friendship all about? As defined on word web it is the state of being friends. I will share something about my real life friendship story.

      I am a friendly and funny girl.I really love to have a lot of friends. When I was an elementary pupil I’ve got a friend named Joan, she was my very best budd that time, were always together. She always makes me laughed, teased and cheered me up when my parents scolded me.

 One day, Joan asked me to have a sleepover in her house,I felt so happy and excited that time without knowing that Joan will say goodbye to me. When she’s talking my tears fell down on my cheek until she said ”farewell” to you Ana because my parents decided to transfer to another place. I  felt so sad that moment. I told her don’t you dare to forget me Joan, no matter what happen.

    Five years later, I’m already a high school student  I felt so excited because my mom enrolled me in the school which was near to Joan’s place and Joan also was enrolled in that school too.

     First day of school I spent my time looking for her. Luckily I found her sitting on the school grandstand talking with her new friend. I ran and screamed her name Jooooaaaaaaaannnn…. But it seemed she didn’t hear me calling her name. As I reached at the grandstand she smiled at me and asked WHO ARE YOU? I was shocked and really hurt as I heared her asking but still I introduced myself.DO YOU STILL REMEMBER ME? I’M ANA YOUR BEST FRIEND BEFORE… but she said ah- I’M SORRY I FORGET YOUR FACE. AHH OK NICE MEETING YOU..BYE ANA.. I don’t know what to say and I can’t explain my feelings that moment.

     As I went back home my mom asked me if I saw her. I replied saying,I saw her mama but it looks like she doesn’t know me and remember me at all. My mom told me ”People change and maybe Joan met a lot of friends that’s why she easily forget you.” Mom was right!But  she’s still a friend of mine and I will always keep the memories that we had. I’ll keep her in my heart and my thoughts forever.

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