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I’m blessed and lucky to have a nice, kindhearted and beautiful family here in this foreign land (DUBAI).. I’m a stranger in this place trying to find much more greener pasture to provide the wants and needs of my family.. So grateful to GOD ALMIGHTY for giving me the family that where am I fitted

When I first came here I’m having a hard time in gaining their trust, because of the terrible experienced they had with their previous helper. But I keep on praying that they will give their full trust to me and GOD do answers prayer. They trusted and treated me like their family.

I felt so comfortable and happy to work with them.. And sometimes shyness strikes me. Every morning, the three little angels brighten up my day with their sweet hug and smile.

A morning greetings from my bosses makes me more energetic to do all my daily chores.

Even I’m away to my biological family and sometimes I do missed them. They were there to comfort and asked me if I’m okay..

Right now, I feel so confuse..What am I gonna do?.I have to leave them, for the reason that I need to take care of my parents, and of course my own family too, my parents are getting old and they do really need me.They are my weakness and my life. Honestly, I don’t want to leave but I have too..How I wish I can divide my self into two so that the other one can stay and the other one can go..

I cannot stop myself from crying,my heart says stay but my mind says go. I know that they will be happy for me, and understand me for the decision I made.

They become a part of my life. I know GOD has a reason and purpose for everything.

I will really miss them, I will never forget them. I know time will come and go, but I will never ever forget this family and I will always keep all the memories in my heart and in my thoughts..


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