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(this video was performed by our church band called THE MECMI BAND

they performed it live in one of the christian radio station in Koronadal South Cotabato DXKI)

“In Christ alone will i glory

though i could pride myself in battles won

for i’ve been blessed beyond measure

and by his strength alone i’ll overcome

0h i could stop and count successes

like diamonds in my hand

but those trophies could not equal

to the grace by which i stand.

In Christ alone i place my trust

and find my glory in the power of the cross

in every victory let it be said of me

my source of strenght my source of hope is CHRIST ALONE.

In Christ alone do I glory

for only by his grace I am redeemed

for only his tender mercy

could reach beyond my weakness to my need

and now I seek no greater honor

in just to know him more

and to count my gain to losses

to the glory of my LORD..


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