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There once was a boy named Andre,a boy who doesn’t like to listen when his mom read him a bible story during bedtime.All he wanted was to play his toys and watched cartoon movies..His mom loved to read stories(specially bible stories) to him but he didn’t pay any attention to it.


One monday morning at school ANDRE met a friend named RON. He was a nice and friendly lad.He loves to read bible stories and memorizing bible verses.His mom and dad was a pastor in one of the church in our place.


During recess time,Andre and Ron happened chatting with each other, and Ron was carrying a big bible story book coming from the school library.Andre asked Ron to help him to carry it,and he asked, what kind of book is this?..ah!! that book is one of my favorite book to read, it tells about the life of JESUS ,you want me to read one story for you while waiting for our teacher,”ron asked.Sure why not? andre answered”.Andre was listening so eagerly while ron reading it.Later on, andre started to asked Ron..Who is Jesus?


Jesus is our friend and our savior he died for us for our sin. Ron explained it clearly to Andre..

Ron started to ask Andre, who was your friend and bestfriends?..You know andre i have a lot of friends but i have only one bestfriend, and that is JESUS. My mom and dad told me about him and helped me to accept him as my bestfriend and my personal savior,by asking him to come into my heart through prayer.

                Andre interrupted him and asked him..Can he be my bestfriend too?YES of course!If you will  just ask him and obey you will be one of his bestfriend too.  are you willing to be his friend?ron asked.

               Let us pray and ask him to enter in our heart, Ron lead the prayer and he let Andre accepted Jesus Christ as his friend and personal savior.Thank you Ron..said Andre..

At home Andre’s attitude was changed, Jesus Christ his new friend transformed his bad behavior.His mom and dad observed him he was changed.They felt happy for their son, Because he already got a new friend that dwell in his heart and that is Jesus..

ron and andre


   originally written by:Ana Alderite Mina “altheyright”


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