Posted: July 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

My day was so gloomy and incomplete if I can’t received a text message from somebody that I do really love,

I do really miss him, every other day was a long day for me if I can’t hear his voice on the phone.

Being in this kind of situation is not easy, but we need to sacrifice something for our future sake.

Sometimes I can’t stop myself from crying,thinking of him and asking if he missed me too.

Deep down in my heart I know that he really misses and loves me,

and I do felt the same way too..

Only photographs of ours can make me smile and fill the emptiness I felt inside,

Reminiscing our past was the only thing I did just to convince myself to smile..

Keeping my mind busy is the best thing to do right now to get rid of this sickness..

I know every situation that I’ am facing right now has its own reason and with God‘s purpose.


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