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SORRY is an exclamation that indicates an apology, a word that can ease the pain of the person that we hurt throught actions and words. Sometimes we need to explain why were sorry to someone..

For me saying SORRY is asking for forgiveness..And now its my turn to say this simple word..

I’m sorry for being insensitive;

sorry for the things i did this past few weeks,

I’ve been so mean, I almost forget all the promises I made with you.

I felt so guilty FATHER GOD, I don’t have the nerve to talk to you..

I’m so sorry..I know that you will forgive me for all those things i did..

Because you love me..Again FATHER GOD..Im so sorry..

  1. nackynice says:

    I like it much but I want ask you something jols.. just an opinion from you to ask, Is it ok to accept sorry from someone who’ve hurt you over and over again?

    • altheyright says:

      yes jols..it is fine..like us, we always asking for forgiveness to our GOD the father but he never get tried of forgiving us..because he do really loves us…

      • nackynice says:

        Thanks JOLS. It’s a must to forgive someone who’ve done evil things against us. you should stop by on mine jols… Truly glad that you jump up now to wordpress atleast dili na mingaw kahilakon baya ko one time nibasa ko sa imong blog sa blogspot. Gimingaw ko pina-abtik maong gi kombinsi tka balhin diri. Para dali nlng to communicate even without facebook dali ra

      • altheyright says:

        even me jols..nawala akong gana na magbuhat ug bag ong post..since atong ingon ka na mobalhin ka ug word press..mao to na naningkamot ko na makabalhin taz wa pa jud ko napansin at first mao to after two days try nako na ok nko..and now im a certefied word press blogger..hehehe..ita all because of you..

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