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    Each one of us has its own life story, sometimes it ends with happy ending and  a sorrowful ending..Her life story is so unusual..She is one of my new found friend her in DUBAI. She is nice and sweet and a big sister for me..As of now we share one bed and one room..
     By the way lets talk about her life story.. She is a single mom of a twins namely KENT and KURT..
      Her life story is quiet interesting..
During her middle age life she was working as a DOMESTIC HELPER here in DUBAI, she got a lot of life experiences, meeting lot of people..Later on, she met the man that kept her heart beat fast and became her love of her life..Their lovestory was so nice..both of them are inlove to each other..They kept on seeing each other..And God was so good to them and gave them a gift that they could not ask for more and that was their twins (kent and kurt)..She got pregnant and went back home to the Philippines with her husband..
     As a couple, they encountered a lot of circumstances and trials in life and they bravely faced and find solution for it..When she gave birth to her twins she said she was the happiest mother on earth..She got a happy family they were living in one roof together even their financial life was so tough but still they were happy to have each other..
      March 2010 she decided to go back to work here in DUBAI to gain money to sustained their financial needs and she needed to save money for the twins future..But life was so unfair to her..because last FEBRUARY 19 2011 her husband died in a motorcycle accident and that time she didn’t know what will be her life without her partner..She was depressed for a year..But she needs to stand up and face the battle of life, and be strong for her twins..
        As of now i was inspired with her because of the braveness and full of determination in life that ive seen to her.. I do really admire and salute a mother like ANALIZA D. MACAHILOS for being tough as rock and as soft hearted mom to her twins..
  1. Andrew Atterwill says:

    This is so beautiful, you are a very beautiful lady and have two beautiful sons, I am so happy that you are friends and that you are always in my heart and thoughts …

  2. analiza says:

    hi, this is my true life story,,,, thanks for viewing.

  3. riz says:

    u r very brave lady…May God bless u and ur twins………keep it remember “life goes on” …. and……”if the end is well all is well”…

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